Welcome to 1325!

Set in a secluded location in rural Odenton, 1325 offers a unique and captivating atmosphere for local musicians to express their musical talents, launch their career, and inspire the crowd.


The venue offers a cutting edge space, acoustically matched to enhance performance, whilst maintaining a warm and friendly vibe to engage both talent and audience.

Entertainment ranges from established musicians such as Jackson Dean, newly launched singer song writers, or open mic sessions for the musically inspired. Born by a love for music, family, and life’s adventures, 1325 was created as a place for sharing, growing, and creating talent.


So, whether you were born playing guitar, come from Nashville, or just bought a banjo yesterday, come on down to 1325 for the journey. Entertainment is free, and bringing food and drinks is encouraged to enjoy the music. Bring a friend, a smile and enjoy the show.

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